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To learn more about upcoming TIM training, please visit the Florida Department of Transportation TIM website calendar: FDOT TIM CALENDAR

Heartland TIM Team



Meeting Minutes


Handouts & Presentations

  • Working Electric Vehicles During Traffic Incidents (PDF)
  • Electric Vehicle Incidents (PDF)
  • Scene Safety And Emergency Safety Apparel (PDF)
  • TIM Meeting Working The Activity Area Work Zone (PDF)
  • Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Drones – Skydio (presentation) (PDF)
  • FDOT District One Freeway Operator Management Responsibilities Presentation (PDF)
  • Medical Examinar's Role and Responsibilities During Traffic Incidents (PDF)
  • Medical Flight During Traffic Incidents Air Methods Corporation (PDF)
  • Photography At a Crash Scene (PDF)
  • The First 15 Minutes at Roadway Incidents (PDF)